Monday, January 2, 2012

What I've Done and What I Should Be Doing

And now let us welcome the New Year
Full of things that have never been.

There were a lot of things that I'd planned on doing as 2011 turned into 2012. I was going to write my dad a birthday letter, finally celebrate Boxing Day, clean and donate and read and crochet and drive to Mankato. Instead, I passed New Year's Eve in my bed, relying on my children (mainly my bella figlia) to keep me in kleenex, orange juice and Nyquil.

The new day (year!) dawned and I had to call my dad and tell him that the kids and I wouldn't make it to his girlfriend's place to celebrate his birthday. I would've been really, really bummed if I had been getting enough oxygen to string two thoughts together. Or maybe it was all that cold medicine? Whatever.

Anyway, an hour later my little sister called to ask if she and the kids could drop by, because Dad had cancelled. I said, "Sure, why not." Which seems mean except isn't because I couldn't infect them because they're the ones who infected ME.

So they came over, and then my dad came over (his girlfriend, Pam, wasn't feeling well but he really did want to see us) and so they all came over and cleaned my house and bought me groceries. Which, come to think of it, is a pretty great way to start the year. For me. Maybe not for them? Nah, they seemed fine.

They went home and I put boys to bed and watched a movie and said goodbye to Travis, who had to fly back to GA in the morning to resume drill-sergeanting (it's a word, shut-up!) and then put Sissy to bed and then I went to bed and then it was today.

I started today day off strong, BREATHING! Woot!

Made sausage and pancakes for the chidlers, and then crocheted for awhile, a skill that I just obtained a month or so ago, while the kids begged for "just one more!" PBS show before their baths.

Gave those squirrelly boys baths and clipped their nails (oh the horror!) and did laundry after Sis's shower and then my nephew Josh came over and I made lunch and crocheted some more and wrote a grocery list and then defrosted the van and went grocery shopping and picked up my husband, who bitched MIGHTILY because I was 20 minutes late, from the truck stop.

Now I am home alone (!!!) and have been listening to the water for my pasta boil on the stove the whole time I've been typing because if I don't use the computer NOW, I will never get to once everyone comes BACK. At least not in time to post today. Because I'm going to post every day.

Also, I can't find my blue crochet hook.

(And) now you're all caught up.

Tomorrow, then.