Tuesday, January 17, 2012

TTT: Cutting It Close

Top Ten {Tuesday}

Fifty-four minutes before today ends and I have yet to post! Here are the Top 10 reasons why:

1)My to-do list. Still plugging away, still consuming my days, still unfinished. I know that I will die with a to-do list, really I do get it, but this stuff? Really does need to get done. Srsly.

2)My cell phone. Yes, I have thought of, "Don't answer it" but that doesn't apply to some people. Namely, my husband, my sister and my daughter.

3)Pinterest. I kinda just figured it out and oh. my. god! Not only can you spend HOURS "pinning" stuff, but it gives you the means to find fun projects that you can do, thereby using up even more of your precious time. I am doomed.

4)A pesky little thing called "parenting". It turns out that getting kids up and clean and dressed and fed and driven and educated and fed and entertained and picked up and fed and finished with homework and disciplined and consoled and fed and put to bed takes time. Lots and lots of time.

5)Visiting my sister. Had an awesome time. Two-and-a-half hours of awesome, to be exact.

6)Facebook. And Pinterest! Again! What if the interwebz is secretly Satan? Maybe. I'm thinking maybe yes.

7)Boys. Boys that would. not. go. to. bed! Even after two warnings. And the threat of dire consequences. And being scolded by Daddy via cellphone. Our youngest bounced up and down (making monkey noises) while his dad was scolding him, if that gives you any idea? Jesus.

8)Helping my husband do trip-planning for his loads in the truck. He was very tired and very unhappy and kinda unprepared. Which is fine. But it took time.

9)My Bella Figlia needed the computer for homework again tonight. Which she didn't announce until quarter to ten. Which is like, 15 minutes later than she should be up on a school night in the first place. Come to think of it, why didn't she use the laptop? Why didn't I use the laptop?! Argh.

10) I realized that I didn't (don't) have the time to write up the RTT post that has been brewing in my head all day long. Darn it.

It's 11:43. I've gotta link this baby up and hit "publish post"! *wipesbrowfallsdown*

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