Tuesday, January 3, 2012

TTT: I Can't Believe That I'm Out of Ideas Already

Top Ten {Tuesday}

You heard me. Day Three and I'm already out of things to write about. Okay, that's not EXACTLY true. I thought about writing a Random Tuesday post. Walker cracked me up this morning when I pulled into a parking spot (that I haven't parked in before) before his ECFE class and he said, "Um, Mama? You park really randomly!" I almost choked on my tongue when West asked me, "Mama? Why don't we decorate for Christmas?" Um...you mean other than the tree and the wreath and the mistletoe and the christmased-up planter outside and the banister garlands and the potted poinsettias on the staircase that we've tripped over every flippin' day this month and the nativity sets and the window clings? I don't know, kid. Apparently, no outside lights=we don't decorate for Christmas. But those two things? Not really enough random.

So then I thought of posting a quote that I like, about how some years ask questions and some years answer them, followed by a list of the things that I really like. Because the answers to who I think I am and what I really love, while still evolving, were hard won. But that seemed kind of daunting after the clock ticked past 3:15pm (when I pick the kids up from school).

So then I thought about posting about the Christmas gift that I bought myself this year for $13.95 called Wreck This Journal. I love it. Almost more than I can say. (And) I will post about it, I swear, but that will involve pictures...and I don't want to mess around with taking and downloading and posting pictures today.

So then I thought, "Screw it! There's gotta be a painless Tuesday meme out there..." So I googled that, and ended up considering making my own poetry chapbook and binding books by hand. Because I really love books, and making things. Which reminded me that I want to play around with the idea of altered books as art. But there is no way that I am going to alter a book, or bind one, and post pictures of that mess by midnight. Moving on--

Oooh, and then I remembered an article that my girlfriend posted on Facebook that really made me think about how my generation is parenting our kids and how I, personally, am raising my kids, particularly my bella figlia, but now that I've blathered on about all of the things that I've decided NOT to write about, at least today, do you really have that kind of time?! I didn't think so.

(And) then, I found it. A shining light, nay, a beacon! leading me out of the darkness and into the land of Something To Blog About: Top Ten Tuesday!

So, here, without further ado, is my official Tuesday blogpost:

Angela's Top Ten List of Things That I Want to Eat, But Am Too Lazy to Prepare Tonight

1) Bean and Corn Salsa with Avocado
2) Lentil Stew
3) Pasta Salad with Veggies and Vegan Mayo
4) Salad (Lettuce, Tomato, Olives, Onions and Newman's Own Olive Oil & Vinegar)
5) Whole Grain Breakfast Bowl
6) Boca Burgers and Onion Rings
7) Reheated Pasta w/Really Yummy Red-Sauce from Napoli's
8) Quaker Oat Squares w/Soy Milk
9) Canned Amy's Vegetable Soup and Cold Canned Green Beans
10) Iced Chai w/out The Ice

Yes, you heard me right. Pouring a bowl of cereal, nuking pasta and opening a can of green beans (which I actually like cold, believe it or not) are beyond me tonight. Also, I know that chai is a beverage, but what with the brewing and the mixing and the sweetening and the chilling, it's a ridiculous amount of work, so I'm totally counting it. Just to be clear, I will be making chicken and rolls and an as-yet-undecided-upon veggie for my children's dinner, but I? Will be eating chips and hummus.