Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This Blog Post Just Published Itself

No joke. I was looking at the blinking cursor when my hand slipped and a "View This Post" button popped up. So I "viewed this post" and saw a title-less word-less post. I am now editing that post. So that there is actually something on it.

Top Ten Things That I Am Thinking About Other Than This Post:

1) I need to help my bella figlia finish filling out her high school registration. My baby is going to high school. And not in an "eventually, someday" kinda way, either. Soon!

2) I need to put in a boring movie and sort paperwork.

3) I wish that movie could be The Sound of Music. It isn't boring, but I do know it really well, and so wouldn't have to pay close attention. My girl auditioned for the middle school musical today, and they're doing The Sound of Music, and I'm trying not to be really, really excited by that. Trying, but not really succeeding.

4) Every time I hear the word "succeed", it is immediately followed in my head by King Julian saying, "There will be no sucking seed!" Which is what I get for enjoying movies marketed for children.

5) I want to talk to my husband, but have to do all of this other stuff, first. Otherwise, I will just be thinking of all of this stuff and suck at conversing with him.

6) I need to do the dishes and throw the last load of clothes into the dryer, before they take over again.

7) I'd rather be knitting. Or crocheting. Or anything other than my list of "have to-s".

8) I really want to make sure that my boys get up on time to return to school in the morning. It turns out that I don't do well without the structure of them going to school. They've been sick (fevers, stuffed up noses and coughs) and they're med-ed to the gills asleep right now, hopefully healing enough to return to their classes tomorrow. Because I haven't gotten a damn thing done with them home the last two days.

9) I broke down and bought soda today. Trying not to beat myself up about bad food choices. In reality, they're only "less good" choices, but the guilt sneaks up on me anyway.

10) I forgot to water my plants this weekend. Another thing to catch up on! Argh.

Did you know that this post completes my first month of posting daily?! I may actually pull this resolution off! Only eleven more months to go. :)