Saturday, January 14, 2012

To Do List

1) Write to-do list
2) Wash dishes, garbage out, table cleared
3) LR blitzed, vacuumed, tree down/ornaments boxed and put away
4) Garland/poinsettias et cetera down and stored
5) Blitz Sissy's room/vacuum/change sheets
6) Straighten back closet/bookcase to garage
7) Clean boy's room/put clean laundry away/vacuum/change sheets
8) Laundry (whites) washed/dried/folded/PUT AWAY
9) Wipe down sink and mirror in bathroom
10) Clean my room, clean my room, clean my room!
11) OMG Paperwork! (esp. Sis HS enrollment)
12) Garbage out
13) Baths and homework done and clothes laid out for Tuesday
14) Mail COBRA payment
15) Change litter
16) Water plants
17) Clip Katie's nails
18) Get/find empty bin, pack w/remaining Xmas tchotchkes, store in garage
19) Clean out van