Tuesday, February 10, 2009

RandomTuesday Thoughts: I'll be brilliant tomorrow.

I am seriously irritated when a Blogger's comment security asks for "word verification" and then lists nonsense like 'shiboozle' and 'goktraw'. Just say "verify characters" like everyone else, for God's sake, and quit making me doubt my intelligence. ("Is that a word? No, of course it isn't. Then again, there are a lot of words I don't know...")

Bagelfuls and Classic Coke= breakfast of champions.

The baby just wafted by. He definately needs a fanny change! I always spell "definitely" incorrectly the first time. Dammit. Hold on...(Roughly 20 baby wipes later, cleanliness has been restored. Yay, me!)

(Note to self: Clean the van and paint the bathroom already, you slacker!)

I am not looking forward to dragging the boys out with me to buy a white button-down shirt for Sissy to wear at her choir concert. I remember being disappointed when my parents weren't overly enthusiastic after my band performances. I understand why now-the whole process (from bullying your kid into something they don' wanna wear and chanting, "Hurry!
We're going to be late!" to feigning interest in every child but your own) is basically parental torture.

My husband has been at work for all of an hour and a half, and has already called home twice. Sweet. Co-dependant. Disruptive.

My neck feels weak, like my head is too big for my neck to support it. Or maybe I'm just re-healy tired. That's probably it.

(For far more interesting randomness than I'm capable of providing today, visit Keely @ the UnMom.)