Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday's Muse: Ethics and Artistic License

My sisters and I went to an arts high school. There, I met and married an artist and went on to create three beautiful children (who are also, not surprisingly, artists.) To say that I denounce censorship is quite an understatement.

The largest bedroom in our house is "the art room." It houses my husband's art desk and computer and 9, 457,943,167 art supplies (I counted.) I sew and knit and make dolls while my daughter draws incredible manga art, my boys shock family friends with their budding abilities, and my husband works as a professional illustrator in the gaming industry.

My middle sister has always been a dancer, and always loved paintings by Degas. I'm posting this image for her (I searched for-evah online to find this piece, kid!) Nudity, when done right, is beautiful art that celebrates the human body. Images that degrade and are used without a model's consent are not art. Unfortunately, my sister ran afoul of an unethical "artist".

Today my sister is my muse, the perfect example of the strength, courage, and endurance that the creative process demands. May this image bring you comfort, baby.

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