Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts: My Laptop Needs Penicillin


Computer viruses blow. More than that, backing up all your shit before wiping your hard-drive blows chunks. I'm not even supposed to be using my laptop right now, but 1-800-I-DON'T-CARE.

My dog doesn't seem to understand words like "budget" or "recession". She is refusing to eat anything but her soft food, so I hope she understands when we move into a cardboard box down by the river!

The new Jenny Crusie book Dogs and Goddesses was cute, but I really need her to write another novel without co-authors (unless she and Bob Mayer can re-create the genius of Agnes and the Hitman.)

I missed posting on Monday's Muse. I was gonna refer people to this site, because it rocks.

I have so much to do today: a mountain of laundry needs folding, my kitchen floor awaits attention from the new mop that's been languishing unused this past week, and the kids room...*shudder*

I really should put the nativity that I bought on clearance for $4.00 from Michael's away with the the rest of our Christmas stuff, although it does make the hedgehog's cage look particularly festive.

Speaking of the hedgehog, it's basically like having a pet towel. She sleeps under her towel 23 hours a day, waking only to eat, drink and search her cage in the hopes that Daddy bought her some crickets to pounce on.

Jesse and I swore that we would never be the kind of couple that called each other "Mother" or "Father" because that's just yucky. We've recently discovered that we occasionally call each other "Mama" and "Daddy" even when there are no children present. Not okay!

Walker calls Jesse, "Gaka!" We don't know why he won't say, "Daddy" (because we know he can.) The whole family is slowly reverting to "Gaka". Jesse wants a t-shirt that says, "Who's your Gaka?!"

I asked Jesse last night while washing out the garbage can why women get all the gross jobs. He said that he thinks it's because guys can carry heavy stuff. Does that even apply anymore?! It just doesn't seem fair.

The baby just threw a book at me. He said "Catch!" after it hit me. Ouch.

I need to change that stinky baby and apparently read him some stories. For more randomness, visit Keely at The UnMom. I can't wait to catch up on my blog reading tonight and leave you all lots of witty comments. Okay, frankly, that's already too much pressure. I'll comment, but I can't promise quality today, people!