Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love Thursday: Love is...

Love is...

A 5th grade girl sharing the cookies that she bought at school with her greedy little brothers.

A mother that offers a piece of her blood orange to her 32-year-old daughter, watches her lick it experimentally, and accepts it back as if her daughter were still a toddler.

A husband that comes home with arms full of groceries fifteen minutes after his wife realized that the next morning was going to suck because they were out of milk.

A sister that drops everything on one of her few days off to watch her nephews.

A dachshund in your lap.

Making meatloaf with a five-year-old.

Laughing at an episode of The Muppet Show as a family.

Being exactly where you're meant to be.

Happpy Love Thursday!

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