Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Birthday, Lisa!

I had this whole post all planned out--all I had to do was find the pictures. After going over to Lisa's to eat cake and give her the copy of Wreck This Journal that I got for her. After coming home and cleaning the kitchen and fielding West's meltdown o' jealousy because Walker (who had completed his own meltdown earlier, his about being too sick to go to Auntie's and having to stay home with Daddy) got to watch the movie Bolt. Then, after finding the pictures and prying them out of the albums that they were (strenuously) taped into...I kind of wandered off and did some paperwork while waiting for Jesse to finish using the computer. Then it turned out that he was just killing time until I was ready to blog. We don't usually suck at communication, but I guess this was our day for it. So I'm getting this down so that I don't break my resolution, but I plan to come back to edit the hell out of this post tomorrow. There will be pictures! There will be anecdotes, and effusive happy birthday wishing! So...stay tuned for that.