Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday's Muse: I Need Another Project... I need a hole in the head. But the drive to create has been relentless, lately. If there was such a thing as AADD (artistic attention deficit disorder), I would definitely have that. Pinterest is no help, either. So in addition to the afghan for Lisa and the afghan for me and the dog sweater for Kate, which are mostly finished but not quite, and the knitted red stole and the crocheted afghans for next Christmas, which I have the patterns and yarn for but haven't even started, AND my Wreck This Journal...I have begun to gather the supplies to make the following projects that I found on Pinterest:

Altered Book Visual Journal

I'd originally hoped to find some foreign language books to use for this project (I kinda think it'll be easier for me to "deface" a book that I can't actually read) but no such luck. I found these two at Half Price Books for about a buck apiece, and have gathered various ribbons and findings from my stash that I think will be a good start.

Patchwork Bunny Guys

Okay, initially I had no intention of making these guys, but then Walker (deliberately) ripped a huge hole in a pair of corduroy pants that had already been patched. And I realized that I had pretty much everything but the safety eyes already. So I picked up some safety eyes and plan to make a trio of these weird little creatures for my kids.

Vintage Jewelry Framed Mirror

That thing is just so damn beautiful! My inner magpie screams with joy every time that I see that picture. Then Winter saw it, and her inner magpie went berserk, too. I have several extra mirrors in storage, and a ton of my Nana's flawed costume jewelry somewhere, so I figure that I'll gather pretty shiny brooches and buttons and stuff over time, and when we have enough, Sissy and I will make an afternoon of making an amazing mirror for her room.

Are you inspired, yet?

This has been a Monday's Muse blogpost, brought to you by Pinterest and my insane need to "make stuff!"