Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Srsly.


I can't sleep. I've gotten so much done this last week, but it's mostly because you can get so much more accomplished when you've eliminated that pesky time-thief, sleep. I lay in bed, and it takes forever to fall asleep. I wake up before the alarm (unheard of!) I've had bouts of insomnia before, but this is weird because it's like a really mild version of it. It's also the only reason that this post is going up before 5pm. I'm the only one up and it's so quiet.

I did something last night that I'm feeling really conflicted about: My daughter (10) and my nephew (6) have Nintendo DS Lite units. Actually, my nephew had one, brought it to Kinder care and had it stolen immediately, and just received a replacement (a new, improved DSi) two days ago. My daughter received hers from us as a birthday present 2 years ago only because her godfather offered to pay for part of it and give it as a joint gift. My middle kid has spent two years looking over his sister's (and best friend/cousin's) shoulder(s), grateful when he's given a turn. Last night I couldn't stand it anymore! We had planned on getting him one for his next birthday (he's only 5, for God's sake!) but his birthday is in DECEMBER. He looked so wistful, and my heart just broke. I cleared it with my husband and went straight out and bought him his own goddamned DS (not the DSi-no kid needs 2 cameras!). The long-term mother in me says that this was not the right thing to do (doesn't teach resourcefulness, patience, may lead to a sense of unwarranted entitlement, et cetera.) Also, it was a dumb and unnecessary financial move. But my baby was killing me with his big brown eyes and silent wishing. (The look on his face when he got it was awesome, though! I reminded him that he is my Best West and let him reach into the bag for it-here's a picture of the 3 W's vegging out on the couch when we should've been making them play outside:)

Winter, Warren and Willem (West)

I took Katie to the groomer the other day because the cost of a shampoo/nail clipping far out weighed the hassle of wrestling with her myself like usual. It didn't occur to me that I've never left her anywhere before. She panicked when the attendant removed her sweater, collar and leash and handed them to me. I had said goodbye, but didn't realise how it might seem to her until I was walking away, the sound of her crying echoing through check-in. She has been so devoted since I picked her up. It's so sweet that I may drop her off every once in a while just to keep her in line-lol!

My sister is finally dating someone awesome. It doesn't hurt that he's a dear family friend, and that they are disgustingly young-in-love. Last night as the four of us lay on my living room rug (actually the guys were playing Ben 10 on the Wii-take my son and nephew and fast forward 25 years-lol!) I thought about how well this guy fits into our family and looked at her smiling face and felt so happy for her.

I love the bloggy shorthand for the word "seriously." Srsly.

Why do manufacturers make the insides of most purses black? It makes searching for your crap impossible. My purse is a black hole. Speaking of anti-matter, I learned more about science from this video than I did through all my years in school:

I was watching Nova: Last Extinction with everyone last night (after the Wii receiver ran out of charge) and learned that scientists have found nanodiamonds in the Younger Dryas boundary sediment layer. It just occurred to me that this may sound like I'm into science. Sadly, not so. I'm into goofy rap and micro-glitter. (I mean Martha Stewart glass glitter? When microscopic diamonds are available?! Puh-lease!)

Jesse and Luke put the kitten in the hedgehog's exercise ball last night. They're going to hell.

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