Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter, Everybody!

Hare Spray
One day after work a man was driving home when he ran over a poor little rabbit. The man immediately jumped out from his car to see if the rabbit was alright. He knew it was dead just by looking at the flattened creature. He felt guilty, and just stared at the poor rabbit.

About three minutes later a lady saw his car stopped in the road, and went over to see what was a matter. The man said " I hit this poor rabbit and I just feel terrible!" The lady went to her car and came back with an object in her hand. She told the man not to worry, took out an aerosol can and began spraying something on the dead rabbit. The man asked "What are you doing?" The woman replied " You'll see!" The man was thought to himself "Man, this woman's crazy. that rabbit is dead as a doornail! What on earth is she doing?

Suddenly the rabbit rose, looked around, got up and begun to hop away! The man was amazed. The rabbit then stopped, turned around, and waved. It hopped another four feet, turned around, and waved again. This ritual lasted until the rabbit was out of sight. The man, desperate for an explanation, looked at the woman's bottle and read " Hair Spray. Brings damaged hair back to life. WARNING MAY CAUSE PERMANENT WAVE."