Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Add Wife and Stir


My husband keeps buying huge plastic jars of animal crackers from Costco, which is making me resent the hell out of that store, because I only like the kind that come in little train-car boxes and are more cookie than cracker.

My husband just called to apologize for being a jerk this morning (we are NOT morning people) and I forgave him. I also threatened to beat him to death with the alarm clock if he pulls the same shit tomorrow.

I just found out that my husband gets Caribou coffee at work once a week. I never want to hear him complain about his job again!

My husband finally completed his art order, which rocks, because now I don't have to hear the word "deadline" for awhile, and I may actually get to spend some time with the man.

I wish that my husband would come home. I want to take a nap.

This week my RTT post is decidedly unfunny. If my husband wrote this, it would be fricking hilarious (because he really is THAT FUNNY. Srsly.) Unfortunately, Jesse is at work sucking on a cup of Caribou, so you'll have to head on over to Keely's for laugh-inducing examples of RTT!