Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Weary Wednesday: Why I Wish My Walls Would Wash Themselves

The table's unclean
the dishes are piling
On the floor I see something
stickish and defiling

The windows are printy
the couch is askew
I am simply surrounded
by too much to do

The bathroom's unpainted
the kids' room is scary
they've a talent for messy
and my skillz can't compare-y

The laundry is sullen
the pets and kids snotty
between diapers and the yard
I'm surrounded by potty

My laptop is calling
my rumpled bed's wide
if it weren't pouring rain
I could go play outside

But sooner or later
I will have to give in
the nature of messes
ensures I will not win

So I'll scrub and I'll polish
'til it's sparkly and then
I will get up tomorrow
and do it again