Saturday, March 21, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Liberace Love

This post would've been up this morning if this song hadn't been stuck in my head all week and I hadn't used every spare minute of my day figuring out how to turn an mp4 from itunes to an mp3 on my desktop so that I could make this:

In February, Target had some really beautiful candles that I wanted for Valentine's Day. It turns out that telling your kids that, "If Daddy asks what Mama wants, tell him about these!" does not achieve results. I couldn't buy them for myself because a) by no stretch of the imagination are candles a necessity and 2) at over twelve bucks a candle they were definitely a splurge item. Fast-forward to this week when we were at Target as a family: I saw those candles on clearance for half off! I said, "Oh, honey! These are the candles that I wanted!" My honey said, "So get one. Hell, get two!" So just to sum up: One candle for $12.99=too expensive, I couldn't possibly spent that much on a candle! Two candles for $12.99=the deal of a lifetime, clearly not extravagant, this is another $12.99 altogether. I am mental!

On the same trip, as I was already going to hell in a handbasket, I decided to throw a Martha Stewart magazine into the cart (did you hear that? It was the sound of another $5.00 flying out the window.) I have yet to read that magazine, although I'm sure that when I do a staff of 4,000 will appear as if by magic and transform our duplex into a masterpiece worthy of the finest magazines in the land!

I've started to keep my garden journal in a second (third) blog. I had a lot of fun setting it up, but am not keeping track of what I'm doing/planning as well as I was by hand. Then again, my laptop is easier to find than a notebook, so eventually I may improve...

Speaking of my plants, my mother gave me paperwhites for Christmas, which was a nice change from the Amaryllis' I've grown in years past. I admired the tall, green spikes until they bloomed. They stink to high heaven! Yech.

Yesterday I was making a tuna pasta salad when I ran out of Miracle Whip. I was that commercial! ("Oh no!" scrape-scrape-scrape, "We're out of Miracle Whip!!!") I briefly considered adding some sour cream to the mix (it's creamy and...dairy. Although, come to think of it, mayo isn't dairy...) Then I remembered that the sour cream was slated for a cheesecake and decided that the pasta salad would just have to deal. I mean, hey...priorities!

My daughter crawled into bed with me this morning and discovered a item. I played it cool, gave her a nonchalant answer to her query and swiftly swiped the damn thing into a drawer. She pressed the issue. I pulled out the standard, "It's something for grown-ups. It's Mama and Daddy's." Her face twisted and she said, "Forget it! I don't wanna know!" and fled the room. Well, shit.

My hair got long again when I wasn't looking. My husband mentioned it, but I didn't think much of it until I was driving today and fell the pull of it trapped between the seat and my back as I turned my head to check the side-view mirror. Holy-run-on-sentence, Batman! I know that at a certain age women are supposed to go shorter rather than longer, and wonder how long I can get away with it long before it makes me look even older than I am.

I began a post on Saturday night, but got horribly sidetracked. The Sunday Scribblings prompt was something like, "I come from..." I thought, "Oh! Easy-peasy!" Until I logged onto to check the name of the city that my grandpa's family emigrated from. Four hours later, I was still playing with my family tree, hence no weekend (or Monday) post. Beware, people!

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