Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sunday Scribblings: I come from...

I come from:

3274 Downer Ave, Milwaukee WI, where my beloved Nana and Grandpa lived. Nana was Sicilian, the daughter of Stephan Busalacchi (from St. Elia, Sicily) and Mary Belante (the daughter of emigrants from St. Elia, born in San Francisco, CA.) Grandpa was German and Polish, his mother Viola the daughter of Katherine Peplinski (from Chojnice, Pomorskie, Poland) and Teofil P. Libecki (from Wielkie Chelmy, Chojnice, Westpreu En, Germany.)

I am the oldest child of their youngest daughter, Patricia. Here is a picture of her in front of 3274 when she was about 12 years old with one of her dogs.

She met this handsome devil, Peter Noll. Betcha know what happened next!

I love this photo of 3 generations: Nana, Mom and me.

Now I'm "from" my own family, the family I've made with this guy. How lucky am I?!