Monday, November 2, 2009

RTT: Could The Coast Guard PLEASE Locate My Cell Phone Charger?


I was going to write "Angela Noll Mohn refrained from eating any Halloween candy, only to find that when her resolve finally crumbled, there was no chocolate left to pilfer" as my Facebook status. I decided that it was too long for Facebook, and so am posting it here. I was also planning on trying to work the word "tragically" in there. Hey, gum! The baby can't even have gum, so I'm kinda doing him a favor by eating it, right?!

I can not find the charger for my cellphone and so I am adrift in a sea of contactlessness. Which is different than tactlessness. Although I suppose I'll care increasingly less and less about tactlessness the more contactlessness I have.

Truly, my cell charger is GONE. I hate to beat a dead horse (well, unless it was a truly bad dead horse, in which case I wouldn't mind beating on it just a little, just to encourage it to stay dead..) but I only charge my phone at like, two different outlets in my house and after checking both outlets repeatedly (or as a dear ex-boyfriend used to say, "repeatively") I must conclude that my charger is not in this house, not with a mouse, not on a train, not in the rain, I can not find it, Sam, you see...

My husband went to the store and forgot the Draino that we needed for our kitchen sink, but he remembered the paper towels. So at least we can clean up if the sink overflows.

My knee hurts.

Squirrels are rat bastards.

I haven't watched The Food Network for two days. I haven't watched ANYTHING for two days. Well, except for my children, of course. (And) a blinking cursor.

My house looks as though President Obama could conceivably deem it a national natural disaster. Dear President Obama, please send the coast guard.

Was I always this crazy? Or has NaNoWriMo finally sent me over the edge? I am exhausted, and I can't think why, as the characters in the story seem to be doing all the work.

Aren't "Fruity Cheerios" basically just "Fruit Loops?" Which reminds me to remind you: head on over to Super Keely's, Queen of Tuesday Loopiness. (Or was that "fruitiness?") :p