Tuesday, July 21, 2009

RTT: Tuesday Titles

Wildlife Encounters

Last week, as I left my house at 2:30am to get to my sister before she gave birth, I was shocked to see a huge deer standing just a few feet away on my lawn. By the time my brain registered "deer" it was gone in a flash of tail over my hedge, it's hooves clattering down the road. I was crazy vigilant as I drove to the freeway, thinking, "Where the hell do deer live in Brooklyn Park?!"

A few days later, during an early morning potty-run with Katie, I noticed a baby robin in the long grass beside my garden. I tried to shoo it away, as Dom loves hunting, but the poor little thing just tried to run deeper into the grass (and failed.) Thinking he'd run like hell, I reached over and picked him up. He was fine until I lifted him up-then he screamed, "PEEP-PEEP-PEEP-PEEP! I carefully placed him as high as I could on the branch of a tree and then watched his brothers and sisters practice attempts at hang-gliding awhile before going inside.

I'm Totally Screwed

This morning Walker climbed into my bed already covered in black marker. I gently reminded him that coloring on anything but paper is naughty. "Why?" "Because it makes mama and daddy feel sad and angry when you color on our things." "Why?" Well, crap.

My daughter just informed me that the baby told her, "Shut up, Stupidhead!" WTF?! Not okay

My Head is an Empty Room

I'm having difficulty thinking randomly. I can't tell if I'm feeling peaceful or completely refusing to deal with reality. I keep trying to concentrate and am rewarded with white noise. Not good, Bob, not good!

My Children Could Nag the Leg Off a Mule

I am being worn down by the constant, "Mom?! Mom, can I play Neopets? Mama? Hey, mom, I really wanna play Neopets. When can I play Neopets? Hunh, Mama? Hunh?! Mama!" that my son is dishing out. I give.

While I'm eating Butter Pecan ice cream for lunch, visit Keely. Or I'll send Westie to pester you until you do.