Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts: "What?! I have to put clothes on?"


I've had lots of great ideas for blog posts: The Rambunctious Penii, Reckless Cat Abandonment and 1,000 Ways to Avoid Doing Something Useful. Clearly, I chose not to write about them.

I just told my sister how to pilfer a resume' format.

It's 11:58am and I still haven't combed my hair or gotten dressed. How bad would it be to go outside to set up the sprinkler in my nightgown?

I think that my cellphone has fallen into my recliner (because my chair is vibrating. But not like good vibrating.)

My sister just told me that she paid $90.00 to have the rug in her very small LR cleaned. She is freaking high.

People keep fucking calling me. Leave me alone, peoples! Okay, not really. Could we work out some kind of call schedule, though? Because I'm not getting a damn thing done...

except laundry. I've been doing laundry for three days and I'm STILL not done. Stupid laundry.

My lilies are blooming, I cut a huge rose from one of our bushes last night and my dahlias are budding, but taking their damn sweet time about it. My back lawn is attempting to go native and looks like a meadow just now.

I have to go 52-pick-up the house, put on a bra and take my babies outside. Head on over to Miss Keely's for more RTT. :)