Tuesday, March 2, 2010

RTT-The Softer Side of Sears

I changed my blog background to reflect how much I need Spring to get it's a** in gear. It's kinda like the gentle (often hidden) side of me, so every time I log on and see it I think, "The softer side of sears..." Turns out my softer side is weird, too.

My family has been saying a lot of funny crap, lately. For instance:

I was explaining to Walker how his Pulls-Up worked. After explaining that if he tinkled in his Diego Pull-Up, the little blue pictures would disappear, West (who was remarkably interested in the subject) piped up with, "It's like he does magic with his penis!" I laughed as his dad amended, "No, it's more that he does magic with his tinkle!" Then in an aside to me, "The magic with your penis comes later!"

I was unbuckling Walker from his carseat when out of the blue he piped up with, "I'm gonna eat you like a burger!"

Jesse put on clean socks and then promptly spilled a glass of water on his feet and said, "Dammit! I just put these on! Someone needs to invent waterproof socks!" and I said, "They have. It's called "skin", dumbass!"

I had a lot of other randomness stored up, but unfortunately I stored it in my head and it turns out that my head isn't the place to put something that I want to find again...so. I got nothin'.

For a random time call Keely@The Unmom (and then she'll redirect you to The Bitchin' Wives Club as she's taking the day off!