Tuesday, March 9, 2010

RTT: "But we're all mad, here..."


I saw a bumper sticker while driving My Favorite Middle to school today that made me furious. It said, "Marriage=" and then had restroom symbols of a man and a woman on it. I wanted to ram their car. I wanted to write, "OR Marriage= Man + Man OR Marriage= Woman + Woman" in black Sharpie on their pristine white paint-job. I wanted to key their vehicle. Because ignorance and baseless fear make me forget what Mr. Rogers taught me.

I went to see the new Alice in Wonderland movie and cannot for the life of me understand why reviewers aren't getting behind it. Several reviews essentially said that it was "too weird". Really? If you approach anything referring to Wonderland without expecting (nay, embracing) the weird, well then, you just deserve what's coming to ya, that's what I have to say about that! My only complaint *Spoiler Alert* is that Alice doesn't choose to stay in Underland. My favorite parts: Johhny Depp's Mad Hatter's Scottish personality reciting The Jabberwock, the moment when The Hatter says to Alice, "Why is it that you always seem to be either too big or too small?" and the psychology of the 2 queens' relationship as sisters. I could write an entire post based on that last one alone...I also love Syfy's Alice. It just came out on dvd, and while the climax of that movie is sadly lacking, the rest of it is marvelous. Plus, Andrew Lee Potts' Hatter and Matt Frewer's White Knight are too good to be missed! Srsly.

I've been crafty lately (as in cutting and pasting, not rubbing my hands together muttering and laughing to myself.) My inner artist is screaming at me a lot, and my "real" life is suffering for it. My house is trashed, but brainstorming and plotting and writing and such are going swimmingly. I mosaic-ed a handmade cobra yesterday...just sayin'.

Sesame Street is over, and I really need to walk away from this screen long enough to engage my child, clean the kitchen and maybe start dinner in the crockpot. So... head on over to Keely's for more happy random! :)