Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Migraines and Misspellings.

I didn't try to knock the kitten off of the entertainment center and then catch her by her head. Swear-to-God. I love the kitty. Slightly less than I love the plants she was chewing, but still...

I forgot to stop at the hardware store to pick up the metal braces that I need to fix my recliner. Crap.

This migraine is killing me. Blogging with shades on is stupid. With two o's: "Stoopid."

Conversation with my 5-year-old Friday night:

West: "A robber isn't a very good job."
Me: "It isn't? Why not?"
West: "Because then they don't have any food."
Me: "Really?"
West: "So I think all the robbers are dead."
Me: "That makes sense." (?!!)

Katie is so funny when she rolls over for me to rub her tummy. I don't know what it is about a squirming dachshund that makes me laugh, but I highly recommend it.

I won't join my kids' online communities when they're grown. My mother is going to have a f***ing fit when she sees that dad posted pics of his first wife and his ex-wife's son. I hope that Mom doesn't switch to DSL. With dial-up, the damn things will never load, and as Martha would say, "It's a good thing!"

I'm going to wait a few more days before scrubbing the kitchen floor, just in case the elves are on their way to do it for me. It could happen.

The idiot that designed shower door tracks clearly never tried leaning on one while trying to grab a slippery pink limb to scrub.

Where are my migraine meds?! If I had lived in the 1800's, I totally would've been one of those women that sipped laudanum all day.

I loved the fifth grade. How the hell did I become a fifth-grader's mother?! Unreal.

My pal Casey (pal sounds better than "chick I stalk online," right?) over at Half As Good As You posted a link to a cool site. I'm not gonna give you her link. Go over there yourself, and then leave a comment telling her how cool she is. Wait! Finish reading my blog first, then go...

Here's my cool link contribution. In case of emergency, click here.

I need someone to remind me to put dinner in the crock-pot tomorrow morning.

Holy Sh**, I really am turning into my mother.

Why do I always misspell tomorrow ("tomarrow"). Going back to change it pisses me off enough that you'd think I'd remember to spell it correctly, but I never do.

I think my meds are kicking in, so before I pass out I'll say, "Goodnight. For more Random Tuesday Thoughts, visit Keely at The Unmom."