Saturday, January 10, 2009

Is NOTHING sacred?

Alright, people. I could be wrong, but I generally think of myself as a fairly reasonable person with well developed diplomatic skills, HOWEVER...While flipping through channels last night, I came across a performance of Celtic Women-Somewhere Over The Rainbow. While these women have lovely voices, I feel the need to protest this milquetoast, colorless rendition of a song so entrenched in american culture; the signature song of an amazing singer who was, perhaps above all things, loved for being heartbreakingly human.

Call me mean, but I suddenly realized why so many of the "historical romances" I read as a teen began with the MacGregor marrying some innocent off to the neighboring clan. It wasn't to forge an alliance, it was because the girl wouldn't shut the f*** up! Seriously, ladies, go sing something Celtic and leave the greats alone. Judy wasn't ethereal, and when I reach the pearly gates I expect my choir of angels to have some attitude.