Sunday, March 25, 2012

So, about that New Year's resolution...

Yeah, about that...see what happened husband came home...and I'd already been slipping and he was on the computer and then...and then...I fell off the wagon.

But if I quit something just because I'd screwed it up, I'd never get to do anything ever again. So. Back in the saddle.

Since I last graced this space with my omnipotent presence (and, hey, this is the only place that I am all knowing...or mostly all-knowing, because who knows what that pesky subconscious is up to, so I'm totally gonna make the most of it)a lot has happened.

Namely, my sister got married, I got really, really sick, and we ripped up our carpet, discovered that the builders used substandard flooring material (I don't even know why we were surprised at this point, as I'm pretty sure that this whole place was put together with bubblegum and baling twine at this point) and put down a temporary linoleum floor to keep the damn thing from crumbling until we can get it completely redone. You know, like everything else that we've had to fix in this house. Fuck. Okay, it felt like a lot more stuff when it was going on. Moving on...

Yesterday was festive, as we started this years pysanka with my girlfriend Adrienne, her kids, and sister Lisa and cousin Luke. My boys used the kitska for the first time, and My Bella Figlia worked for an hour on a beautiful, intricate design and then the egg broke. My poor baby.

Jesse is on his way home, dinner is in the crock pot and I need to run to the store and shower. But I will post again tomorrow. Back in the saddle.