Tuesday, December 29, 2009

RTT: Baby, Birthday, Backyardigans


Today is my youngest's 3rd birthday and I'm remembering that labor with him was the fastest and the most brutal and realizing that the words "fast" and "brutal" pretty much sum him up. Is that weird?

I asked Jesse to re-explain blu-ray for the umpteenth time last night and he finally got through to me when he said, "They're like dvd's on steroids. But good steroids, not some crappy nutritional supplement from GNC." and I said, "Like the steroids that make penises small?" and he said, "Yeah." So now I understand: Blu-ray discs are dvd's with small penises.

My daughter's cat, Snowbelle, killed the Christmas tree. We've had the same fake tree since Winter was a baby and now her damn furball has knocked it over and snapped the base of it and so next year we'll have to replace it. On the bright side, none of the ornaments broke and the tree will be taken down and put (thrown) away before the 1st this year.

I began re-reading what I wrote for Nano in November, getting ready to finish the first draft in January and I HATE IT. So much stupid crap to fix, like describing what my gamer husband would call an NPC (non-player-character) as "graying at the temples" in one paragraph and then reading that he's a buff, civic-minded teen 2 minutes later. Suck.

Walky is enjoying his first present of the day: a Backyardigans Fairytale dvd and I have to say that the Backyardigans are awesome, if only because they expose kids to every musical genre imaginable.

I've been planning a review post of several products (and shows and books) that I've come across lately( like Dawn Direct Foam dish soap and the Syfy channel's Alice and Brita water pitchers.) Maybe I'll eventually get on that.

Wintertime in MN has gotten to me early this year: it's usually February before I start buying new houseplants in desperation to get me through the last hard month of cold here. I have truly run out of window space, now and so I hope that this winter will end as it began: short and mild.

I've been sitting here, with my middle kid sitting within the circle of my legs while I stared at the screen trying to decide whether or not I've got any more random to share and now he just got up and Katie just jumped up to take his place, turning once before curling into a circle and collapsing against me with a contented doggy sigh that sounded suspiciously like, "Finally!" I think that's my cue. I should go, now.

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